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The 90 Minute MeetingThe first step in your EOS journey.

The 90MM introduced your leadership team to EOS. Your are now ready for the journey ahead. 

Focus DayThe first full day of your EOS journey.

This session helps you begin implementing simple, practical tools to create clear accountability, agree on priorities, and start gaining Traction. 

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Vision Building Day 1The first of two Vision Building days, designed to get you on the same page with your vision.


This session begins with a thorough review of the Focus Day tools. You then begin clarifying your vision by starting to answer the 8 questions on the V/TO. 

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Vision Building Day 2Master the Focus Day Tools and finalize the company's vision.

After reviewing the Focus Day tools and the work done in VB1, the team finishes answering the 8 questions on the V/TO. They leave with a clear vision, a clear plan for next year and next quarter, and more aligned and accountable as a leadership team. 

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Quarterly PulsingBegin living in a 90-Day World, with clear priorities and your key issues resolved.


Quarterly sessions help you create a 90-Day World for your organization. We come together, look back on the last quarter and recheck our vision to ensure we're still on the same page. We then set Rocks for next quarter and spend the rest of the day solving issues. 

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Annual PlanningTwo powerful days to increase team health and get clear and aligned on your vision and plan.

Two powerful days with the leadership team improving team health, getting crystal clear on our vision and plan, and resolving all key issues.

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